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Having grown up in a single mother home, David learned the value of hard work and finding ways to achieve the “impossible”. David received a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Masters Degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York, University at Albany.

In 2015, David met his wife, Aryn, a native Kansan. After getting married at Arrowhead Stadium in 2016, faced with the difficulties of trying to settle down in New York City, where taxes are astronomical and quality of life began to trend downwards, David and Aryn moved to Overland Park, Aryn’s hometown.

In 2017, David began working at the Kansas Department of Commerce, where he was tasked with rebuilding a department that had been decimated. After working to get the Department back on track, David was asked by Governor Colyer to serve as his Special Assistant. David visited all 105 counties with Governor Colyer to hear from Kansans on what helps their businesses and families grow and prosper.

After Governor Colyer’s term, David returned to the Department of Commerce where David served as the lead strategist in Secretary David Toland’s confirmation and headed up legislative efforts for the Department of Commerce on behalf of Governor Laura Kelly’s administration. During his time working at Commerce from 2019-2021, David was instrumental in getting ten bi-partisan bills passed for the administration and received strong bi-partisan support for the Commerce Department’s budget, each year. David helped implement grants on behalf of small businesses who were in need during COVID, worked with the legislature to provide funding to help enhanced broadband infrastructure and grew our state’s economy by working on common sense policy that helps businesses advance and get workers the skills they need to maximize their earning potential.

In June 2021, David departed the Department of Commerce to become Director of Business Development at WANRack. In his current role, David focuses on helping WANRack connect school districts across the United States with Private Fiber Networks, which provides teachers and students with the necessary infrastructure in place to have an effective learning environment. David also focuses on helping communities get connected with fiber networks, which future proofs the community’s broadband needs.

David is married to Aryn and have three kids, Isaac age 5, Charlie age 3, and Gilad. David also serves as President of the Vaad Hakashrus of Kansas City and is on the Board of Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy.


Our Issues

“Bring people from all backgrounds together to make Kansas the best possible Kansas for our current and future generations”

In Kansas, we struggle to work together to get money back to the taxpayer. We must help all Kansans who are suffering from poor decisions made in Washington DC, by providing immediate tax relief. This means lowering the tax burden for working class families. If we’re going to continue to grow our economy, we need our families to be able to afford to drive to work and pay for their groceries.

I have had the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes on common sense solutions that help grow our economy. We must lower our tax burden and focus on addressing the needs of our small businesses. We must also invest in our workforce by connecting businesses with our students early, so they have the necessary skillsets needed and are far more likely to settle down in the communities they grew up in.

I was lucky enough to be part of both Governor Colyer and Governor Kelly’s administration. They both had the right approach when they said we were going to fully fund public schools and achieved that commitment to our schools and our children. As the husband of a Shawnee Mission special education teacher, I will keep school funding our state’s top budget priority, while better equipping our teachers and putting their work with students first. 

I have had the privilege of working for both an agency and in the Governor’s Office. I am intimately familiar with the State budget and what agencies receive. We must identify inefficient programs and begin to do more with the money hard working Kansans provide us, to use for services. I know these programs exist and I will work to make sure each one of our budgets are fiscally responsible and cutting wasteful spending.

If Kansas is going grow its economy, it must continue to invest in our infrastructure. We need our roads and highways to have proper funding and assure the raiding of KDOT does not return.

We have heard radical Democrats go after our law enforcement and pretend we can maintain safety without the work of our brave men and women who serve us all on a daily basis. I will work to make sure we never “defund” the men and women we keep us safe and instead work alongside of them to improve their service to our communities.

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